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27,900 Excluding GST
❶ Elastic fiber and breathable mesh for back, high quality fabric for seat. ❷ Black polymer frame. ❸ Adjustable headrest, armrest & lumbar support. ❹ Molded foam and PP shell. ❺ Synchro tilt-locked mechanism, Tilt tension control. ❻ Seat height adjustment with class 4 Samhongsa gas lift. ❼ 320mm grey nylon base with 50mm nylon castor.

KROSS (Table Only)

27,500 Excluding GST
Structure made of laminated board with PVC edging. Frame made of MS pipe in powder coated finish.


11,000 Excluding GST
Size: L: 2'-0" x W: 2'-0" x H: 1'-4" Details: Structure made of Laminated Board with PVC Edging.

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